TBG 44: Premier League Week 29 | MLS Week 3 | Bastian Schweinsteiger!

We chat about the latest week of the Premier League and how things stand after week 3 of MLS. Along the way, we discuss topics and questions from our listeners. Needless to say, there were a lot of American soccer fans who had Bastion Schweinsteiger on the front of their minds.

Blake introduced the crew to a beer from Red Cypress Brewery in Winter Springs, FL. He chose their delicious pale ale, Spook Hill.

On another cool note, while in Norway, Ron had the Mack Brewery slap our name on one of their labels. Too bad he couldn't fly back with the beer full.

-Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game


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Blake Braswell

Blake has been working for years in entertainment as a producer, director, writer, and performer of live entertainment. He is now combining his love of soccer with his passion for producing entertainment by creating The Brewtiful Game: a soccer and craft beer podcast.