TBG 43: Ron in Norway | Premier League Week 28 | FA Cup | MLS Week 2

Blake and Ferris talk to Ron as he adventures through Norway, and then they take the reins of the show to discuss Premier League, FA Cup, and MLS.

For the first part of the pod, as we chatted with Ron in Norway, Ferris introduced me Blake to another Moo themed beer. It was a delicious milk chocolate power called Bell Cow from J Dubs Brewing.

After Ron left us to catch some z's under the Aurora Borealis, Ferris introduced his next beer: Wexford Irish Style Cream Ale. It was in honor of St. Paddy's day, and then Ferris realized the beer came from England. It's the thought that counts, right?

-Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game


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Blake Braswell

Blake has been working for years in entertainment as a producer, director, writer, and performer of live entertainment. He is now combining his love of soccer with his passion for producing entertainment by creating The Brewtiful Game: a soccer and craft beer podcast.