TBG 17: Premier League Week 3 and Transfer Deadline

Let’s talk soccer, transfer deadline day, and chips & beer from Zanesville, Ohio! In this episode, we cover what went down during the third week of Premier League, and what happened as the Premier League Transfer Deadline Day came to a close. We also delve into Ferris’ past as he returns from visiting family in Zanesville, Ohio. He brought treasures of Conn’s potato chips and Little Kings Cream Ale for us to review.

I don’t think we’ve ever laughed harder during the beer segment our our show. A special thanks goes out to City Beat for helping provide some history on Little Kings. Check out their article by clicking here.

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- Love the beer, cherish the game


Blake Braswell

Blake has been working for years in entertainment as a producer, director, writer, and performer of live entertainment. He is now combining his love of soccer with his passion for producing entertainment by creating The Brewtiful Game: a soccer and craft beer podcast.