TBG 16: Hull Wins Again and Neymar Finds Gold

The boys go into the excitement(?) that was week 2 of the English Premier League. Ferris is very happy with how things are going at Manchester United, Ron is enjoying the Chelsea run so far, and Blake at least thinks the new yellow Arsenal kit is kind of neat. They marvel that Hull City will be in a top of the table match after their win this week. The show ends with a quick discussion of Neymar’s fairytale final shot that lead to Brazil’s Olympic Gold.

This episode opens with a review of a delicious craft brew from Great Divide Brewing Company.


Blake Braswell

Blake has been working for years in entertainment as a producer, director, writer, and performer of live entertainment. He is now combining his love of soccer with his passion for producing entertainment by creating The Brewtiful Game: a soccer and craft beer podcast.