TBG 55: US Soccer World Cup Qualifying and Premier League Manager News

In this episode, we talk the recent World Cup Qualifying matches that the US Men's National Team  took part it. After covering what we think of Bruce Arena's newly revived team, we cover the US Women's National Team and their friendlies played over the same weekend. There has been some manager news back in the Premier League, and since we already miss it the recently departed season, we get sucked back into the Premier League vortex.

Blake had the beer pick for the pod, and chose to go back to one of his favorite breweries. It was a refreshing twist on an IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery. The Brew Free! Or Die Blood Orange IPA turned out to be quite the group pleaser.

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- Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game


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TBG 48: NWSL 2017 Season Preview

Special guest Caitlin Elliot joins Blake and Ferris to take a look at the upcoming season of the National Women's Soccer League. Predictions are made, new beer is discovered, and there is much Marta discussion. We also go over the news surrounding Lifetime Networks NWSL television coverage.

Caitlin has the beer pick this week. If you like coffee, you'll love this beer from 3 Daughters Brewing.


- Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game


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TBG 36: NWSL & US Women's National Soccer Team Update

In this pod special, we discussed the recent NWSL Draft, the recent founding of the North Carolina Courage, and FIFA & CONCACAF awards bestowed upon several of the players from the United States Women's National Team. The other big news to cover was USWNT stars opting to postpone their NWSL play (or leave the NWSL completely) for a chance to play in Europe. With Ron still under the weather, Ferris and Blake were joined in the studio by local NWSL and women's soccer expert Caitlin Elliott.

Since Caitlin was visiting our studio live for the first time, she wanted to provide the beer of the pod. She picked a good one in Green Man Brewery's delicious porter. We had a lot to say about this beer.

-Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game

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TBG 34: Premier League Matchdays 19 & 20 - Midseason Sackings - Scorpion Kicks

Our 34th episode, and the first one of the new year! We can hardly belive how the time has flown. So here's what we are talking about in this episode. After the Premier League has stuffed as many matches as possible at the end of December, and the beginning of the new year, we have a lot of to talk about. We also look back at the predictions we made at the beginning of the season to see how they are faring. We talk about the Premier League's great manager culling of the bottom teams, and also take a look at the national call-ups for USA's Men and Women's National Teams.

The beer review for this episode was a fancy one. Ron introduced us to the Belgian made Trignac XII from Castle Brewery Von Honsebrouck. It was a Belgian Trippel aged in congac barrels. Give a listen to see what we think of it. It was so fancy, we had to drink pinkies out.

Pinkies out!

Pinkies out!

Thanks for joining us for our first year. We hope you have a happy 2017.

-Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game.

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TBG 33: Premier League Boxing Day Special 2016 - Year End Soccer Roundup

This is our Boxing Day Special. After watching all the Premier League Boxing Day matches, we stepped into the studio to talk about those games, and wrap up the soccer year so far.

Since this was our first Boxing Day Special, Blake decided to go big with the Christmas beers. They are all from Belgium, they are all delicious, and they will all keep you warm on a cold night.

The first was the Christmas Ale from St. Bernardus, followed by the Gouden Carolus Noël, and we finished off with the Scaldis Noël from Dubuisson. There was a lot of good discussion about these beers (and good discussion BECAUSE of these beers).

We hope you all have had a happy holiday season. Thanks for joining us along the way. Here's to 2017!


-Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game.


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