TBG 08: Messi Copa, Icy Euro

In this episode, the boys of the Brewtiful Game wrap up the Copa tournament, the Argentina vs Chile final, and discuss the USA's overall performance. They then move on to Iceland's Viking invasion of UEFA EURO 2016.

On this podcast, they review a beer by Mikkeller. It is a tasty one!

- Love the beer, cherish the game -

TBG 05: The Euros & the Copa

We apologize for this podcast dropping a bit late. The recent events in our beautiful city of Orlando pushed things back a bit. To be honest, it all seems a bit silly to talk about soccer at a time like this, but we hope it can distract and entertain you for a moment. On this pod, we discuss the Euros and what we think of the Copa so far.

Please visit www.oneorlando.org and help those that have been affected by this horrific tragedy.