TBG 96: 2018 FIFA World Cup Wrap Up

After a some crazy travel schedules, we all three finally have the chance to sit down and discuss our overall thoughts of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We go over our predictions, favorite moments, and what we think will be the most remembered parts of this World Cup. We also take a look at how our brackets did, and how our Beer World Cup brackets turned out. You can see those here: Brewtiful Game World Cup Brackets.

To celebrate France's win, the boys' beer of the pod is Kronenbourg 1664.

It's been a great World Cup, thanks for joining us on the first one we've covered on this podcast. Next stop, France for the 2019 Women's World Cup!

- Love the beer, cherish the game. The Brewtiful Game

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Blake Braswell

Blake has been working for years in entertainment as a producer, director, writer, and performer of live entertainment. He is now combining his love of soccer with his passion for producing entertainment by creating The Brewtiful Game: a soccer and craft beer podcast.