Ron's beer review from Roatan, Honduras part III

Beer number three is called "Salva Vida" which, translated into English, means "lifeguard". Slava Vida is celebrating its one-hundredth anniversary this year! To celebrate the brewing company (Cerveceria Hondurena, SA / BevCo LTD) is putting old labels on the bottles and stating what year the label was from. That's a fun look back at a hundred years of brewing history. My picture below has two such labels. 

The Salva Vida Lager falls into the American Adjunct Lager category. That means it's in the same category as Budweiser, Coors, Corona, and a host of other common and popular beers including Ferris' favorite... Pacifico Clara. The beer pours a watery straw color and has a thin white head. It isn't as aromatic as you would expect, but it does taste of a hint of malt with the tiniest bit of hops. It has a lot of grain filler crispness to it as well as a high amount of bitterness. I like this beer much better than the "Imperial" from the last review but the "Port Royal Export" is still my favorite Honduran beer. I will also say that after a long hot day of diving, this beer hits a bit of the spot, there are better beers for this but not many on the Island of Roatan. 

Guess what!  I found a fourth beer on the island, so you will get another review of an Honduran beer! 



Salva Vida bottles with the anniversary labels

Salva Vida bottles with the anniversary labels