Ron's beer review from Roatan, Honduras part IV

The final Honduran beer on the island of Roatan is called "Barena".  It is made by the same brewing company as the other three beers I have reviewed, Cerveceria Hondurena, SA / BevCo LTD.  Apparently this brewing company has quite the lock on the islands and mainland of Honduras.  

Much like Salva Vida, Barena falls into the American Adjunct Lager category. However I found it only just better than Slava Vida. Barena pours a golden pale yellow with a thick white head that doesn't linger. It smells of sweet malt and tastes of adjunct grains (corn) with almost no hop profile to speak of. The only thing that makes this a bit better is that it is usually served with a lime. That lime flavor either pairs well with the beer's flavor or overpowers it. Either way, it is way better with the lime!  Much like the other three beers I have reviewed from the island, they are pretty refreshing when you are on the beach or coming back from a long day of diving so they are good for that. 




Barena Lager

Barena Lager