Ron's beer review from Roatan, Honduras part II

The second beer I had a chance to try is called "Imperial". It is made by the same brewer as was "Port Royal Export" which is Cerveceria Hondurena, SA / BevCo LTD. The only difference that I could find was that this beer is made in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, whereas the others aren't specifically listed and they have different addresses. Regardless, we are going to see a theme here as all of the Honduran beers are made by the same brewing company. Imperial fits into the Pale Lager category and falls a bit short of this mark. The pour is a very watery straw color with very little head. It is very light on any malt flavors and the hops are all but nonexistent. The finish is bitter and dry. 

That being said,  there was something very refreshing about having one on the boat back to shore after a long day of diving!  If you come across it, give it a sip but don't cross the road to try it. 

Another review soon! Check back! 



Imperial Pale Lager

Imperial Pale Lager